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Criminal Law and Traffic Law

Criminal Law and Traffic Law

Camatta Lempens has extensive experience in dealing with complex and sensitive criminal law and traffic law matters. We deal with such matters not only in South Australia, but also in other jurisdictions, including internationally.

We provide advice not only in relation to any charges that you may be facing, but also provide advice in relation to the concomitant issues that you may face as a result of any criminal or traffic charges, for example, how such charges may ultimately affect your employment,  accreditation or your licence. Given the increasingly convoluted nature of many pieces of recent legislation, it has become more and more important to obtain comprehensive legal advice as soon as an incident has taken place.

We work with a highly experienced team of investigators and experts, both locally and nationally, to ensure that we provide you with the most thorough and rigorous defence available. We also have an excellent working relationship with South Australia’s most successful criminal barristers.